Shanghai Yumtown Food Co.,Ltd,In addition to the main business of importing foreign high-quality meat sources and selling them in China, a special meat import agency business is set up to provide customers with professional and rapid service.

Our business:Chicken, Pork, Beef, Lamb, Turkey, Shanghai Port, both sea and air freight.


Based on the accumulation of several years of experience in our own import business, we have established a perfect and smooth information channel to ensure that we are informed of domestic and foreign policy changes related to the industry in the first time.
Starting from the actual needs of customers, we offer professional and personalized agency solutions for them.
We maintain long-term cooperative relationship with many first-class freight forwarding companies,familiar with all aspects of import customs clearance, effectively solve difficult problems for customers in the process of customs clearance.
We have rich experience in import approval and license application.


After loading,inform schedule per week,keep customers up to date on progress.
After the arrival of the goods, ensure that the customs clearance is completed within four working days.
Collect payments in batches according to the progress of the business to improve the utilization rate of customer funds.
The payment shall be subject to the official quotation price at the time of the bank.
Taxes and related charges are settled on really happened.


We will undertake every agency business in a conscientious and responsible manner, and do everything possible to reduce the cost of customs clearance and maximize your interests.




Customs clearance:


Import Agent Operation Process Q&A

The business scope of the import agent?

Products of chicken, beef, pork, lamb and turkey, Shanghai port, both sea and air fright.

  Are there any restrictions on the country and variety of imported agent meat?

Must comply regulation from General Administration of Customs People's Republic of China,and  adjust if the list is updated. Link:

Whick client we offer import service?

We offer to clients who have negotiated with foreign suppliers and want to import products,but have no lisence to import.

What clients need to do throughout the business process?

Clients need to determine the purchase intention with foreign suppliers and provide import contracts, inform our contact person and contact information for the follow-up matters of the business, pay in time, inform the delivery location and feedback the receipt of the goods.

  What approvals are required for imported meat?

For the import of chicken/pork/beef/mutton and its by-products,it is necessary to apply for the automatic import license of  China, approved and issued by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the quarantine license for imported animals and plants approved and issued by the State Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the People's Republic of China.

For import turkey its by-products, only need to apply for administrative measures for the approval of quarantine of imported animals and plants.

How long does it take to apply for approval?

The automatic import license of the People's Republic of China needs to be applied for one by one after obtaining the copy of the exporter's documents. Under normal circumstances, the certificate can be issued within about 5 working days from the date of application.

Quarantine permits for imported animals and plants; differentiated by different countries and product. It is not one batch of one certificate. Under normal circumstances, the certificate can be issued about 20 working days from the date of application.


Does the approval have an expiration date?

Both approvals are valid for half a year from the date of issuance. The automatic import license of the People's Republic of China cannot be used across the years.


When do customers need to pay?

In order to improve the utilization rate of customer funds, our company adopts the method of collecting money from customers before making external payments, and a business is collected three times.

The first payment: Before paying the payment to the supplier, the payment and agency fee will be charged according to the estimated exchange rate.

Second payment: Tax is collected at the estimated exchange rate before payment is made to customs.

The third payment/refund: After completing customs clearance, verify the fee list, collect the supplementary fees, and adjust the difference between the first two collections.


What payment methods do we support?

T.T payment.

D.P payment.


How about agency fees?

Note: For shipping containers whose unit price exceeds USD6000/ton, the agency fee will be negotiated separately.

Shipping agency fee does not include THC fee, Yangshan port freight and additional overdue fees, port miscellaneous fees, etc.   

The air freight agency fee is pure agency fee, and all fees in the customs clearance process are charged separately based on the invoice provided by the customs declaration company.

How to understand customs clearance within 4 working days?

Customs clearance within 4 working days must meet the following prerequisites:

1)  The agent customer or supplier shall provide a full set of original and correct customs clearance documents at least three working days before the arrival of the goods.

2)  There is no problem with the actual quality of the goods.

3)  There is no problem with the inner and outer labels of the goods.

4)  There is no review price for customs clearance of goods.


Can the goods be picked up after customs clearance?

If the container is sampled by the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the whole container must be put into the warehouse, (our company has a special cold storage for record) and wait for the quarantine result, and the goods that have passed the quarantine are allowed to be picked up.

If the container encounters other problems such as inconsistent packaging, inconsistent labels, and inconsistent cargo certificates, the container must be placed in a designated cold storage for storage or rectification in accordance with the instructions of the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and the goods can be picked up after receiving the release instructions.


What is our delivery scope?

For shipping containers, there is no charge for the goods to the designated delivery location in the Shanghai area (the freight from Yangshan Port to the inland is additionally charged), and to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other surrounding areas, we can help customers to collect and pay according to the quotation attached to the vehicle.

For air freight containers, the goods are delivered to the designated delivery location in Shanghai area to help customers collect and pay according to the fleet quotation.


After the container is loaded, how does the customer know the progress?

After the container is loaded, our company will insist on once a week to actively inform the customer of the expected arrival time of the container by email or fax, so that the customer can better understand the cargo dynamics and arrange funds.