Wholesales Department

  • 顺利参与SIAL中食展,接待专业观众千余人,实现大宗贸易客户的有效触达,提升品牌知名度
    •  We successfully participated in the Sial China 2021, received thousands of industry visitors, achieved effective contact with wholesales customers and enhanced brand awareness.
  • 实现同比销售额稳定增长

    • We have experienced steady annual sales revenue growth in Wholesales section.
  • 国内猪肉价格波动和中国南方港口疫情突发背景下, 通过调整采买策略和数字化风险控制,成功应对市场环境变化
    • In the context of domestic pork price fluctuations and COVIA-19 cases in South China port, we successfully responded to changes in the market environment through adjustments to procurement strategies and digital risk control.
  • 持续开发农贸市场,实现梯队化选品原则,减少重复性单品,满足不同客户需求
    • We continuously developed local farmers markets, realized the principles of echelon selection for products, reduced repetitive products, and met the needs of diverse customers.
  • 开展牛肉战略项目,聚焦牛肉品类的扩展和深入开发 
    • We launched beef strategic projects focusing on extension and in-depth development of beef categories.
  • 参加知名市场营销专家大客户培训项目,构建大客户销售策略体系
    • We participated in the key account training program hosted by a well-known marketing expert to build a key account sales strategy system.
  • 持续获取各冻肉成交数据以进行专业的


    • We continuously obtained transaction data of

            each frozen meat product for professional

            market analysis and price forecast.


Catering Channel Department

  • 2021上半年餐饮事业部销售额较去年同期增长38.2%
    •  In the first half of 2021, the sales of our catering channel department increased by 38.2% compared with the same period last year.
  • 跟进120+家中食展餐饮客户,实现10%左右头部客户转化率

    • We followed up with over 120 catering customers met from Sial China and achieved a conversion rate of about 10% of head customers.
  • 聚焦头部客户——收集了300+家江浙沪头部日韩连锁烤肉店、火锅店资讯,保证平均25%该品类头部餐饮客户的有效触达
    • We continuously focus on top customers, and we collected information on over 300 Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai top chain Japanese/Korean barbecue restaurants and hot pot restaurants, ensuring an effective reach of 25% of top catering customers in these categories.
  • 在知名市场营销专家协助下,产出销售工具和进行销售场景实战演练,进一步提升全体销售业务能力

    • With the assistance of a well-known marketing expert, we developed sales tools and conducted sales scenarios case study to further enhance overall sales capabilities.

  • 完成3场产品力提升会议,牛肉、骨类产品主题,全面提升销售团队产品专业知识

    • We completed 3 product enhancement workshops-pork bones and beef themes, and comprehensively improved the product expertise of our sales team.

  • 新的研发厨房持续设计中,将更好地进行产品研发和承接小型品鉴会等
    • In the continuous design of the new R&D kitchen, we will better carry out R&D of products and undertake small tasting workshop, etc.


E-commerce Channel Department

  • 肉管家天猫旗舰店物流、商品、服务三项动态评分4.8分以上,指标均高于行业平均分31%以上
    • Our Mr.Meat Tmall shop has a dynamic score of 4.8 or more out of 5 points for logistics, goods and services, and all indicators are higher than the industry average by 31%.
  • 常年阿里Alikey服务群中登上红榜,肉禽蛋前5

    • We have been on the red list of Alibaba service scores all the year around and has been ranked as top 5 service providers for meat, poultry and eggs.
  • 持续参与官方大促——417吃货节、55大促、517吃货节、618大促,其中618店铺销售额排名天猫生鲜肉类前10,66乐活日热销全生鲜第一

    • We continuously participated in the Tmall official big promotins-4/17 Foodie Day, 5/5 Promotion, 5/17 Foodie Day and 6/18 Big Promotion. Among which we ranked top 10 of Tmall’s fresh meat in sales on 6/18 Big Promotion and we are the best fresh food seller on 6/6 Promotion.

  • 持续参与淘宝平台百亿补贴、喵鲜生/天猫国际、聚划算等活动,争取电商官方持续品牌曝光

    • We continuously participated in Tmall activities such as “Tens of Billions of Subsidies”, “Tmall Fresh”, “Tmall Internaitonl” and ”Juhuasuan/Brand Group Purchase“, to strive for continuous brand exposure on Tmall.

  • 完成天猫国际、京东自营、抖音小店等电商新渠道入驻,进一步扩大品牌流量入口

    • We completed shop set-ups on new e-commerce channels such as Tmall International, JD.com self-run and Tik tok mini-shop, to further expand brand traffic entrance.

  • 持续与“倍客厨房”合作直播带货,牛、鸡、猪深受直播间客户喜爱,多次复购

    • We continuously cooperated with “Bake Kitchen“ to live broadcast to sell our goods, among which Mr.Meat beef, pork and poultry products are very popular among livestreaming audiences and have high repurchase rate.